College Basketball Lines

Below you will find information on how to understand college basketball lines.  If you are looking for up to date college basketball lines then I suggest you visit one of the two sportsbooks we have outlined below, each of which accept Americans (Bovada only accepts Americans).

Where To Bet On College Basketball

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College Basketball Spread Betting Lines

Spread betting is the most popular college basketball betting option because the spread evens the playing field between two teams and it is often the case in college basketball that there is an obviously superior team in the game.  The spread is basically the amount of points that the favored team is expected to win by and you can bet on whether the favorite wins by more than the spread or whether the underdog loses by fewer points than the spread or wins the game outright.  Here is an example:

Liberty +19.5
Texas A&M -19.5

In this example Texas A&M are heavy 19.5 point favorites.  You can tell which team is favored by the (-), while the underdog spread will show a (+).  For a spread bet on Texas A&M to win the team must win by 20 or more points.  Meanwhile a spread bet on Liberty pays out if Liberty can keep the game within 19 points or if they pull off the huge upset and win the game outright.

College Basketball Money Lines

Moneyline bets aren’t quite as popular in college basketball because it is somewhat rare to find two evenly matched teams, at least in the early stages of a season.  A moneyline bet simply involves wagering on which team will win the college baskeball game outright.  The odds associated with each team determine the payout if they win the game.  Here is an example with two teams where the spread was 7.5 points.

Akron +285
Mississippi State -315

A $100 bet on Akron would win $285 for a $385 payout, while a bettor would have to risk $315 on the favored Bulldogs to win $100.

College Basketball Over/Under Betting Lines

Over/under’s, also known as totals, involve betting on how many total points will be scored in the game.  The over/under college basketball line will display a “total” and bettors can wager on whether there will be more or fewer than that many points scored in the game.  For example the over/under in the Akron vs Mississippi game was 142.

NCAA Championship College Basketball Lines

Throughout the season sportsbooks will display National Championships college basketball lines.  These lines, which are known as futures odds, change throughout the season depending on how each team is doing and their likelihood of winning the National Championship.  If you place a NCAA Championship bet before March Madness and the team wins the tournament, then you are surely in for a big payout.

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